Ingenhoven Architects 1 Bligh Tower spectacular lobby is open

25 Oct

Above image taken from Peter Murphy’s very cool interactive panorama-

I would love to catch one of the glass lifts (on acid…)

Check out the foyer of the recently opened 1 Bligh Street.
Quite superb glass and steel full height lobby, glass lifts, etc. Totally awesome….

Floor plans

The plans show how the lobby goes all the way up through the building-

It exits the roof in a snailshell orgy of solar cells-

Corporate tower.

The green wall and outside cafe (substation exhaust?) appears to be something of an afterthought.

And the entry is so bland that the interior, with its vibrant and warm colours, comes as a mad shock.


Info from the architectus website-

The structure delivers consistent large floor plates of up to 1600m2 and achieves 92 per cent efficiency Nett Lettable Area to Floor Space Area.
Forty per cent of office space is within 4.5 metres of the facade with 1000m2 contiguous column-free space creating high potential for office layout flexibility. The elliptical plan is 12 per cent more efficient than a rectangular building in facade to floor area and allows excellent natural light penetration. The 120 metre high central atrium makes dynamic views accessible to all.



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