Sydney Architecture is a website dedicated to the rich heritage of Sydney.

It consists of two sections– the front section of contemporary news and the back section of historic database.
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Sydney Architecture is a member of the Archipaedia network.
Please send any images or info that you think would be useful in telling the story of Sydney.

Contemporary Sydney Architecture- http://sydneyarchitecture.com/contents/
Historic Sydney Architecture- http://sydneyarchitecture.com/A-SITE.htm

Sydney Architectural Styles- http://www.sydneyarchitecture.com/STYLES/search-style.htm
Historic Sydney Architects- http://www.sydneyarchitecture.com/ARCH/ARCH.htm



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Heidi Miller July 18, 2011 at 3:18 am #


    I’m a freelance researcher for a series for History Channel Canada–and I’m researching a show that will focus on Sydney (see attached document for more information). The show is called Trashopolis–the idea being that cities have been shaped by they dealt and deal with waste (and this is an extremely broad definition–from, let’s say, aboriginal middens, water issues, to cleaning up after spectacular fireworks…to having the Olympics affect waste-related issues related issue—to cleaning up after beached whales to….you name it).

    This approach is fascinating and allows us to discover cities from around the world from fresh angles….we are now working on developing Sydney.

    Right now I’m looking for different people to talk to about a whole range of subjects so I can get a good idea of the potential stories we could do in your city: I’m looking for historians, experts, tour guides, city officials, anyone, basically, with some knowledge and interest in the city and a good story to tell to whom I could talk to explore some of the ideas outlined below and to perhaps suggest other ideas I could explore. I’m hoping to talk to people we can interview—and people we can see and dot trash and waste-related stories with.

    Some of the avenues I would like to explore and find history and commentary on include:

    – Water access seems to be a big issue in Sydney’s history—I would like to learn how this has affected how it is taken care of.
    – Water and sewer and public urinal history in Sydney—I came across a great site and walking tour flyer from 2002 on your city’s site—as well as a lot of great history and water-related information, again on the city’s site, I would love to show Sydney through these authors’ eyes.
    – Water. Waste water. Water treatment. Drinking water.
    – Any other stories—desalination. Rain recycling.

    – history of public baths—and water quality in the Harbour
    -pollution and sea creatures
    -whales, plastic bags, beaching of whales, Sydney’s influence on sea creatures
    -any other waste-trash-related stories?

    – How does garbage pick up and recycling work in Sydney? Where does it all go and how is it dealt with? How did it deal with this in the past and how is it dealing with it now?
    – Landfills? Where are they, with manages them, and what are the issues?
    -Any public works stories that are unique to Sydney?

    -I came across an aluminium recycling program that appears huge
    -The Bower and Reverse Garbage seem like interesting places—any other suggested places and stories?
    -how does recycling work in Sydney? What are the stats?

    -Opera house stories? (any special music-related trash? Shows—eg the gargabe bear….etc)
    -Aboriginal stories-middens, burial sites, civil-rights issues that are also linked to waste-trash?
    -Fireworks issues-stories?
    -History of sparrow starvers, sewer and urinal workers?
    -neighbourhoods of note?
    -Hyde Park?
    -More Harbour and bridge stories

    As you can imagine, every city we have featured on our show have had to deal with waste in various ways—and we’ve discovered that each city is unique in the way it has dealt with and deals with these problems, and that each city has unique stories to tell on that front.

    Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated and I hope that I will have a chance to talk to you about the projects within the next couple of days and would love to have a contact number of skype address where I can reach you. And of course, ideas, suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

    Thank you!

    Heidi Miller

    PS: you have what seems to be a great section on underground Sydney and its history—would love to get in touch with people who can tell us about this, and perhaps even take us on a tour

  2. Silvio September 27, 2011 at 9:33 am #

    Need to use some of the images on your site. How does this work?

  3. Tomaswilde November 24, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Anyone know what the modern building in Sydney with horizontal louvers is called? On Elizabeth near Hyde park?

  4. Better Built Homes June 10, 2014 at 4:54 am #

    Hi there,

    Just found your site and it’s a great resource for both historical and modern-day architecture fans – well done. We’re builders from Western Sydney and would love to see a little more coverage of architecture out west, on both the historical and current fronts. Any chance of looking further afield in future?



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