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Australia's 10 Greenest Buildings

25 Jan

Recycles sewerage … Melbourne City Council’s $41.2 million CH2 building features a black water recycling plant which provides water for toilets and plants.

Chilled beam technology … The $112 million headquarters of Lend Lease at 30 The Bond in Sydney was the first in Australia to install a chilled beam cooling system. Continue reading


Adelaide 'needs a windmill' for Vic Square

20 Jan



January 17, 2010 12:01am
..ADELAIDE is at its best lit up at night. Especially from Mt Lofty or Windy Point where, on a clear night, the city is a sparkling fairyland.

It’s always a delight to see such a panorama, like a tray of jewels on black velvet. The streaming car lights at your feet add their own dazzling brilliance. The old quarry scars and the knuckle-dragging street violence are hidden.

Adelaide returns to normal once the sun comes up. The metropolis loses its sparkle, reverts to the dull grid of suburbia, almost flat as a tack, surrounding a cluster of office towers in the city centre.

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