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Outpost, graffiti artists on display at Cockatoo Island.

13 Dec

We went to the last day of the Outpost Art from the Streets installation at Cockatoo Island last Sunday.
We got completely drenched on the ferry but the trip was great.
It was good to put some names to the works I’ve admired on the side of the local subway tracks.

An artwork by the famous Beastman (he’s so hot right now…) was the first artwork in the “Artery” tunnel that runs under the island (the island was for 150 years an RAN shipyard). The tunnel is a great natural art gallery. My boys are great fans of street art.

Artists include Ears, Ghostpatrol, Ben Frost, Ha Ha, James Jirat Patradoon, Jumbo, Max Berry, Numskull, Vexta, Zap, Deb, Bennett, Mini Graff, Shannon Crees, Shida, Sprinkles, Lister, Itch, Makatron, Sync, Reka, Phibs, Prizm, Beastman, Dmote, Drewfunk, The Yok, SMC3, Meggs and Rone.

Some young louts waiting to vandalise something…

A wet Tebbit!


More Beastman??

Kidzoom Home. Scary stuff.

More Beastman??

So sad….

1976 school bus. Ironlak Bus.

Run!!! The storm approaches!





Sydney's top urban exploration sites

5 Sep

My favourite urban exploration sites in Sydney at the moment-

Site One- Dunlop/Slazenger Factory in Alexandria
9 Bowden Street, Alexandria.
Open and easy to access.

We found all sorts of old Slazenger things- tennis racquets, golf balls, shoes, etc. A favourite haunt for film makers (there were two crews there, early on a Sunday morning).

Part of the vast Green Square area, soon to be luxury flats.

Look at my car!

The holes in the asbestos sheeting roof make for splendid effects.

Famous graffiti artists work.

Site Two- Rozelle Tram Depot.
South of Harold Park Raceway, next to Jubilee Oval, Glebe Point.

Rozelle Tram Depot is a large tram depot in Glebe that has stood effectively empty sine the 1960s.
It is currently being redeveloped as part of Mirvac Harold Park residential redevelopment and will be developed as a retail area.

The vandalised trams within will be retained on site and restored.
Currently patroled by security, as is now part of construction site. Quiet on Sundays.

This place is classic as the interior is slowly returning to nature, complete with ponds of tadpoles.

A local ruffian leaving his mark.


Site Three- Summer Hill Hospital
Grosvenor Centre, 56 Liverpool Road, Summer Hill (abandoned hospital).

Private property. Soon to be redeveloped into flats. Main building is heavily alarmed.
Summer Hill’s largest mansion, Carleton (now the Grosvenor Hospital’s main building), was built in the early 1880s on Liverpool Road for Charles Carleton Skarrat.

Definitely haunted…..

That ruffian again!

The above images were sent to me by anonymous sources.
The sites are (dangerous) private property and are not open to the public.